You found your way to this page and that in itself speaks on Travel Anthem's behalf. In September 2017, the blog attracted readers from over 50 countries throughout several continents, leading to over 1.3 million hits. To view the blog's 2017 Press Kit, click here

Here are some ways we can connect with Phindiwe Nkosi and/or Travel Anthem

Events or press trips
Working with tourism boards, companies and/or individuals to promote destinations.

Reviewing and promoting accommodation, tours, activities, destinations, restaurants, books, products and/or and travel gears.

Sponsored content and/or photos
Creating sponsored written content for brands, companies and/or individuals. Content creation can be accompanied by photos and/or images.

Freelance writing
If you are looking for content - whether travel-related or otherwise - from a professional blogger/writer with more than a decade of experience and postgraduate university qualifications, then please get in touch. Work can be written using my byname and/or ghostwritten just for you (written on your behalf).

Social media engagements
Engaging a network of social media followers to engage with your brand, establishment, products and/or services. Twitter posts and chats, live Periscope streamings, posts and more. Social media stats as recorded at the end of September 2017 were as following:

@Travel_Anthem has over 4 500 followers.
@PhindiweNkosi has over 33 000 followers.
Travel Anthem’s Facebook fan page has over 340 likes.

Giveaway for trips or products
Do you have a giveaway that we can use for a trip or product that must be tried out? Whether it is a trip give away, free flights, entrances, food vouchers or more; let's get in touch. 

Press mentions
Interview me for a story and/or to get comments to your article/blog.

Speaking engagements
Suitable for corporate and other settings... 

Host me (and/or a partner) on a trip
Entice me with a trip in South Africa, the rest of the African continent and/or internationally. I'm always game for a trip! On the top of my wish-list is somewhere with snow, outdoor showers, spa pampering, nature and good food.

Travelling alone can sometimes be like seeing a falling star on your own... Exciting, but so much nicer if you can have a travel buddy tag along. If you can host me (and a partner) it will be like... woop woopTo drop me an email with your offer an/or to start a discussion, click here.

To view the blog's 2017 Press Kit, click here

Get in touch with Phindiwe Nkosi!Get in touch with Phindiwe Nkosi!