The North West province can get very hot in the summer. While it is tempting to book a holiday and go into a crystal sparkling pool; this is not always feasible. For moments when you long to be on the beach or cruising on a dam somewhere far away, perhaps these super cool items from Amazon can help. 

1. Baby pool floats (available on Amazon) are so hot - or rather - so cool right now. If you've got a little one, then this is just for you! The bright colours and modern design makes it something to particularly look out for. Your little one is bound to most likely have lots of splashy fun cooling off with you in the water.

2. This soothing teething mitten (available on Amazon) is not exactly a straightforward fit into this category. However, if you've ever gone on holiday with a teething baby; you will be so relieved to have discovered this item. If your baby could talk, they would probably sing your praises for getting them this.

3. At the time of blogging (October 2018), this adult-sized pool float depicting Donald Trump (available on Amazon) was the number one bestseller in inflatable pool water slides. Reviews and raves were going wild with people all over the world ordering it until it was the uncontested bestseller in this category. Check it out and leave a comment below of what you think about it. 
4. How cool is this popsicle pool float (available on Amazon)? It is colourful and great for awakening a dull pool party. It has a party vibe to it. Your fellows will watch in awe. It is suitable for peeps from 8 years old all the way to adults.
As with all water products, children must be supervised by a water-safe adult at all times while in the water. Enjoy cooling off in style. Attach your pics to our social media channels or leave a comment below.

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