There are many perks to being a travelblogger and foodie. One however needs to be extra cautious of "the side effects" that come as a result of constantly eating a bit of this and that. Sometime during the current winter months, I piled on almost 10 kgs! I think that's what winter can do to you, it wraps you up all snugly and you barely realize that you have gained weight. 

Fortunately, I was still within my healthy Body Mass Index (BMI) and so didn't fret, but realized that this was a call to do things a little differently. This was my chance to eat somewhat healthier and exercise. Being a travelblogger aunt, I figured that rather than going out to eat somewhere or going for a walk surrounded by wild animals with my awesome nephew and most loving sister; I could spend quality time with my loved ones and get ready for a "summer body".

I therefore joined my family at The Hills Fitness Centre, situated within The Hills Game Reserve Estate in Pretoria East. I loved the views of the dam, nature sounds, green grass and open skies. It was breathtaking, perhaps even "emotional". There was a nearby sparkly blue pool to create an ambiance, magnificent golden-orange skies and a beauty that can only be experienced. 

Tricks and hacks to take the "gym experience" home

This gym is refreshing in every way and "personal". It has a calm to it. I hoped I could see how my sister works out with her personal trainer and get inspired while babysitting and seeing how it is done. 

It was however not her session with the personal trainer and thanks to a musical awesome ride on car (available from Amazon), I could even sneak in a bit of stretching. It kept my nephew occupied and within close proximity. My nephew also got to "work out" a bit while playing and riding his ride on that my sister got him. 

Seeing that I would rather stay indoors than go to the gym in the cold winter months, I have resolved to invest in an exercise mat (available from Amazon), dumbells (available from Amazon) and an exercise ball (available from Amazon). As part of my fitness goals, I would also love to get a fitness tracker watch (available on Amazon) to help me keep track of my activities and how I am sticking to my end of the bargain. 

In the end, even though I was not fully persuaded about leaving my heater to go and exercise in a gym on a regular basis, I now understand why other people do it. We left feeling so much better than when we came.

Phindiwe Nkosi at The Hills Fitness Centre with toddler ride on car in the background (in orange). Photo by SN-B.Phindiwe Nkosi at The Hills Fitness Centre with toddler ride on car in the background (in orange). Photo by SN-B.

Phindiwe Nkosi at The Hills Fitness Centre. Photo by S.N-B.Phindiwe Nkosi at The Hills Fitness Centre. Photo by S.N-B.