Unmatched service, beauty untold and comfort at its best. Those are just a few words in my limited vocabulary to describe a family vacation we took to the Protea Hotel, The Winkler in Nelspruit. 

Apart from the restaurant, colourful rooms and activities that range from a trampoline (available from Amazon) to a swimming pool and a lot of land to walk in... There is a lot to do in the area. It would be advantageous to have comfy hiking boots (available from Amazon) so that you can safely tour the grounds.

Not so far away, one can go to see a sort of car museum and indulge in local food to awaken your taste-buds and reassure you once again that you are a guest in the province of light. What makes this location extra special is that it is enough.

It is the type of place that you can stay within the hotel grounds your entire stay and feel like you have seen it all. The bedding (available from Amazon) is downright cosy and snug. You may feel like you just had an African awakening, even if you - like me - were born and lived in this continent your whole life.

I certainly hope to return here. If you have not tried it out before and have a few coins to spare, I strongly recommend this wonderful hotel!

Phindiwe Nkosi at the Protea Hotel, The WinklerPhindiwe Nkosi at the Protea Hotel, The Winkler

Protea Hotel, The Winkler entranceProtea Hotel, The Winkler entrance

Protea Hotel, The WinklerProtea Hotel, The Winkler