For a girl, nothing beats shopping other than perhaps... more shopping. So what exactly catches one's attention about shopping at Sandton City? The answer has to be none, but absolutely everything.

For starters, it is the one place that one can get one of my favourite edible delicacies called Cinnabons. There is also a wide variety of edibles that offer you with the option of eating fancy to the quick, but yummy on-the-go snack.

There are also clothing options for each pocket. Did I mention that the mall is located right next to one of South Africa's infrastructure flagship projects... the Gautrain? If you have not tried it out yet, you just have to use it as your prefered way of getting aroung Gauteng Province.

Be on the look out for a big statue of our former President, Nelson Mandela. Mmh... what more can one say? If you are looking for an eventful shopping experience, this is certainly the place to be.

Do you have any malls you can recommend?

Sandton City, JohannesburgSandton City, Johannesburg