Sometimes the best trip is the one you did not plan. Such was the case when one of my besties (Choma with a capital "C") decided to surprise me with an overnight stay at Bentley's Country Lodge for two. It was an unexpected, but much appreciated stay which I maximized on by inviting my other friend to join in the fun.

She joined me for a relaxed, plus fun-filled night that included chowing on delicious and generously served food and drinks. There was also a bottle of champagne (available from Amazon) on the bed. The managers and staff were very friendly and accommodating. This was certainly one of those nearby trips that made you feel like you were at a hidden retreat away from it all.

At a distance, one could see the majestic mountain in the background - something that made one forget that this gem is located just front opposite the local cemetery. Calm, refreshing and very much alive, that is how my mini-vacation to this place was.

Bring also your favourite dressing gown/robe (available from Amazon), slippers (available from Amazon) and sunscreen (available from Amazon) because you're going to unwind and feel the sun gently on your face. It is also a wedding venue and has conference facilities for those wanting to do some team building in style. 

What a welcomed retreat in Pretoria.

Bentley's Country Lodge, Pretoria. Photo by Phindiwe NkosiBentley's Country Lodge, Pretoria. Photo by Phindiwe Nkosi