I took a bush walk, led by lions. Lions climbed trees and tread upon the earth in what they recognized as familiar bushland. As the lions led, the human tourists followed closely behind. We were each awarded a certificate for completing a bush walk led by lions.

I was surprised to see that the lions ate dead chickens (the personnel also added stuff to boost the nutritional value, but still very unexpected to see such mighty lions excited over dead chicken kept in a bucket).

I cradled a lion cub and held it close to my heart. There were also other animals that one could touch and learn about at Ukutula Lodge and Lion Centre.

One of the highlights was being surrounded by a pride of young lions. You opened the gate and/or door and were welcomed by the pride. Tourists are allowed to bottlefeed lion cubs and to come and learn about these animals.

It is not just lions, but several other animals are also kept in cages. I was told that a lot of research is undertaken at the facility. Many wildlife students and volunteers are drawn to this centre.

Remember to bring along sunscreen (available from Amazon), a digital camera (available from Amazon), lots of water, comfortable walking shoes (available from Amazon) and a hat. 

Phindiwe Nkosi at Ukutula Lodge and Lion CentrePhindiwe Nkosi at Ukutula Lodge and Lion Centre