Where am I? I am here. Here. Wherever that is. I am found. I am not sure how I got here. I was part of a group on an outing, but I managed to get away  for a personal silent retreat. One moment I was walking and the next I knew that I had arrived. As travel writers, we are tempted to write bucket lists and fill them with one adventure to the next. There is always the curiosity of what is around the corner.

We are under pressure to go further, pack up the bag and do something new. For once, I took a detour. While walking somewhere in the bush around Harties (Hartebeespoort Dam); I arrived. I traded my boarding pass. Gave up the journey and arrived. I looked and there were shades of colors perfectly arranged in nature. I felt the wind touch my nose, finger tips and shoulders. 

There were insects all around me, along with creepy crawlies I rarely see. Even without mobile network coverage or any GPS signal,I knew I was found. Without an itinerary list or the rush to go here and do this; I sat down and allowed myself to be. My encounter at Harties slowed my pulse. I sat in silent meditation as tears streamed down my cheeks. 

No words were said. I had reached a destination beyond the realm of limited vocabulary. I followed the breath as it entered my body and traced it all the way until it exchanged and exited my frame. All of me was present and that was enough. I never did find the adrenaline rush or spot any wild animals. However, that time was significant because I was present and that was enough. Re-membering with myself was more than enough. 

- That's what travel is. In all the journeys that you can undertake or hopefully get inspired to undertake after engaging with Travel Anthem (this blog), I hope that you will find yourself. I pray that you manage to take time out, right where you are and reconcile with your members.

When last did you calm your breath and listen to yourself? I am talking about surrendering to our Creator in utter silence and trust that says: "I may not understand, but I trust that You still know what You are doing."

In my silent retreat I heard the unspoken. I felt my heart beat again. I don't know how to emphasize the need for silent retreats. Set time aside for you. You need it. You really do. 

Phindiwe Nkosi somewhere in HartiesPhindiwe Nkosi somewhere in Harties


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