It has been years since I went indoor ice-skating. It is also a very special treat because it never snows in Pretoria. While thinking of things to get up to, to celebrate Spring and the lovely heat that comes with it, I thought of ice-skating. My favorite place where I used to go ice-skating has to be Kolonnade Shopping Centre in Montana Park, Pretoria (I doubt the the ice skating rank even exists anymore at this mall... I can't confirm as I have not been there in a very long time).

I am bias because it is the first place I went ice skating and I remembered the special memories that I had from that place even in my primary school days almost two decades ago. I found some of the old pictures and am going to use them in the blog post because they are so precious to me. 


What I really like about ice-skating has to be the slippery and cold skating ranks. You have so much fun there. First time I went there, I thought it would be like when I am roller blading. However, I was surprised by the slippery surfaces. I initially joined the “ice-walkers” (those who stick to the sides and walk on ice).

There were also those who took one step on ice and their legs frantically flapped forward and backwards uncontrollably before they fell to the ground. Ice-skating in Africa is nothing like you see on TV where there are depictions of people who like in colder European countries where snow and skating forms part of everyday life.

Ice-skating in Africa as well as finger-friendly tips

Believe it or not, it is common to see people going around with wet bum patches on the ice rank. I must confess that while I got a bit better with each visit to the ice rank, I was one of the “ice walkers” who progressed to skating with fewer falls and eventually reached a level where I can skate without falling (my flapping arms have saved me during the close calls).

What’s funny is that many people (including myself) have no idea how to stop. So it is common to bump into people or have people skate into you. A good tip I was told is that when you fall, clinch your fingers into a fist so that other skaters don’t ski over your fingers, chopping them off in the process (especially when it is full).

Skating like a pro

Make no mistake, there are people who are very competent skaters and who do know how to stop, ski backwards and do some tricks. When I last went there, there was an “interval” where all of us get off the ice rank, lights are dimmed and colored. During this period only the pro-skaters would be invited to showcase their skills and race.

After they have had their moment, we’d all get back on the ice and slowly wobble and skate along safely in one direction. There’s a big see-through glass which enables fellow shoppers to watch ice skaters. It is absolutely fun and something that has to be added to your bucket list. If you have not tried it before, add it to your bucket list.

I would really love to hear all about your ice-skating experience. I’d also like to know if you have built a snowman before (it may sound petty, but the many people in my part of the world have never built a snowman, including myself at the time of writing this blog in November 2016). Please leave a comment below telling me all about your ice-skating and/or snow experience. 

Ice-skating at Kolonnade Shopping Centre in Montana Park, Pretoria. Photo by Phindiwe NkosiIce-skating at Kolonnade Shopping Centre in Montana Park, Pretoria. Photo by Phindiwe Nkosi

Ice skating fun in Pretoria. Photo by Phindiwe NkosiIce skating fun in Pretoria. Photo by Phindiwe Nkosi



0 # I remember!Michael S 2016-11-19 07:34
Hey, I remember back in the day we'd go for ice skating at Kolonade! Thanks for the throw back lol :lol:
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