Wow! That's the word that comes to mind when I try to summarize my recent visit to the Transformers Animatronics Exhibition at Centurion Mall this winter (2017). Accompanied by a wonderful travel companion whom I recently told about this "really cool movie I watched with my sister", I was treated to a pleasant surprise and supper after the exhibition. 

It was wonderful! I absolutely enjoyed it. I was so excited and caught myself jumping up and down with excitement. It is difficult to try and blog about such an exhibition because there is so much to take in. From the informative posters to the interactive exhibits.

Not recommended for the very young and old due to extremely loud noises...
The exhibition was phenomenal; undoubtedly one of the most captivating I have ever seen. There were many parents who brought their young boys. Just seeing the awe in the little ones' faces when they heard the sounds and saw their favourite Transformers was just beautiful. 

As soon as I stepped in and interacted with the Transformers (which bring the movie characters to life in an amazing way); I wished I could also bring the little champs in my family to see this. However, I chose not to because the noise levels are extremely high (even for an adult who generally likes noise).

I would not recommend it for infants, very young children and the elderly because the sounds inside are pretty cool and dramatic (but extremely loud). Perhaps they should consider offering/selling ear plugs or something to visitors when one purchases the tickets - or at least warn us in advance of the very loud noises inside, so we can come prepared.

Most awesome moving robots!
My favourite part (also my worst because I got such a fright) was when we came across the distinctively bright yellow "real life" Bumblebee (one of Optimus Prime's lieutenants from the movie Transformers). The exhibition is filled with giant moving sculptors and interesting information, so when we saw these two human sized Transformers, I had a freaky feeling that they would start moving or something.

Sensing something eerie about the scary looking Transformers we were approaching to take photos with, I [secretly] wanted to kick them before they rattled me silly by moving when I least expected them. I paused far away. They stood still. I sent my brave travel companion to investigate and just as we set up to pose for the photo; they moved towards us. I screamed and ran away. It was like being "chased"  by robots that somehow came to life.

It was scary, but I absolutely loved it and eventually calmed down to stand next to the friendly robots to take pictures. As soon as they heard people approaching from  the other room, they froze again (most likely to rattle them by "coming alive" just when they least expected it). 

Amazing use of different spaces
There are various play areas for children as well as "chill areas" where you can sit down on bean bags or block seats to watch movies and so forth. It is an interactive exhibition with lots to see, hear and touch to create an entire sensory experience that lingers long after you have left. Both young and old will enjoy it. 

Seriously, from having attended several exhibitions at the Centurion Mall (at our own expense) including the Terracotta Army Exhibition; I can definitely say that this was another fantastic world class exhibition worth seeing.

A-team staff members!
I cannot rave enough about the helpfulness and friendliness of the staff or the high quality exhibitions. The visitors and staff were friendly. On several occasions, they would walk past, smile and offer to take pictures of visitors.

The Transformers Animatronics Exhibition takes place from 10 June to 15 October 2017 at Centurion Mall (234 South St, Centurion, 0046). The exhibition is generally open from 10:00 to 19:00 and tickets are available at the door. If you have been there – or to another awesome exhibition – please leave me a comment below.

 Phindiwe Nkosi standing next to the yellow Bumblebee at the Transformers Exhibition at Centurion Mall, Pretoria. Photo by SLPhindiwe Nkosi standing next to the yellow Bumblebee at the Transformers Exhibition at Centurion Mall, Pretoria. Photo by SL

Phindiwe Nkosi at the Transformers Exhibition at Centurion Mall, Pretoria. Photo by SLPhindiwe Nkosi at the Transformers Exhibition at Centurion Mall, Pretoria. Photo by SL




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