I recently attended a Boeps2Babes Baby Clinic baby workshop in Centurion in the first quarter of 2017. It was great learning about how to be a better aunt to the most handsome and loving nephew of mine. 

Walking into a room full of prams, babies and parents was something I did not expect. The speakers were short and interesting. There was so much to take in, such as hearing a speaker advice not to keep a cellphone too close to babies and minimizing electronics in the baby room. 

I enjoyed the networking with other parents, guardians and caregivers at the end of the session. The pancakes and tea was also a lovely treat. This was my very first baby workshop and I was invited at the last minute after a loved one purchased two tickets and asked me to accompany them. I joined in. 

If you have time and/or want to find out how to be a better parent/guardian to a loved one, then baby workshops are something to consider attending. Both moms and dads can attend along with the babies. It is the type of setting where it is "normal" to stand up and move to the back with baby. There are babies crying, being rocked and even fed in the room. It was a refreshing experience. 

Phindiwe Nkosi at a venue in Centurion for a baby workshop. Photo by SN-BPhindiwe Nkosi at a venue in Centurion for a baby workshop. Photo by SN-B



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