I sat in the Gautrain for what seemed like forever. I was in a hurry to get home. It was dark and I just wanted to get home, slip into my slippers and exchange my corporate gear for something comfy. It felt a little cold for a spring evening. I had nibbles in my laptop bag, but we are not allowed to eat in the train. So I sat and waited to disembark. 

Next to me was a lady who was smiling from ear to ear. She smiled as she read and even made notes on a piece of paper. I initially thought she was chatting on social media, but upon closer inspection I noticed that she is reading an e-book. 

Feeling that embarrassed for being caught gazing at her tablet to the extent that I was also reading; I smiled and asked her what she was reading. The answer came as a surprise. It was one of those unexpected random titles that made one curious.

Before I knew it, she was scrambling to get her belongings, stood up and got ready to disembark. "I'm reading 'Why Men Pull Away', you should really check it out," she said with a giggle on her face. And just like that the stranger left. 

I was so curious for days after that; I did. It is not a book that I would necessarily go for, but I must admit the manner in which she was smiling as she read (as though a light-bulb went on) and the many notes she scribbled down made me too curious. 

Just when I thought her recommendation was a little brave, I got the book and one of the opening lines were: "Your new life starts today." I thought to myself boy is this 167-page book/program going to be something else. 

I just started reading it yesterday, early October 2017. There are a lot of questions in the book and the author goes into a lot of details to explain how men think. There are also a lot of practical examples and scenarios to help one relate to your current situation. It is broken into four parts: 

  • Part One: Making Your Man User-friendly.
  • Part Two: How to Get Him to Focus On You By Giving Him What He Doesn’t Even Realize He Needs.
  • Part Three: Thing That Drive Men Away.
  • Part Four: How to Bring Him Closer. 

I have not yet read enough of the book (and tried it out) to write a verdict. However, I can say that I am still reading and scribbling notes hehehe. To get hold of the e-book (and others), Click Here!



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