Something marvelous recently happened to me. A few months ago, I became an aunt. My heart relocated to this most handsome nephew of mine. Everything changed. I started asking questions I had never asked before. Things that never used to matter started to matter. As a foodie, I became interested in not just the food, taste and ambiance, but started to look for child-friendly establishments. 

My travel writing subconsciously started incorporating locations and places that made traveling with children so much more pleasurable. My world rotated around this loving person who changed my life around for the better. However, it was not just about the journey and destination, but how we got there greatly mattered to me.

Getting a car seat in my vehicle for my nephew was a decision I did not take lightly. It did not just have to confirm with the safety requirements of the law, but I wanted something that was comfy for both long and short distances. After much deliberations, I settled on the Ferrari Cosmo SP car seat.

The amazing perks of owning a Ferrari Cosmo SP car seat

I really like that it is suitable for children from birth to approximately 4 years. This helped me to save money because I did not have to get a car seat that was suitable from birth to 0 - 1 year and then spend more money buying another one to accommodate my growing nephew. It is also very stylish and safe with an alarm that goes of when you press the buckle. The chest and buckle pads are a plus for the little one. 

I use this car seat for long and short distances and he really looks like he's enjoying the ride. It means a lot to me that he's comfy in the car seat and does not cringe or cry when I place him in it. I also like the peace of mind that I get knowing that he's safely strapped into a car seat that has a lot of safety (and comfort) mechanisms for little babies, even from birth. The car seat is suitable for rearward and forward facing mode and also has several reclining positions.

Where the car seat falls short...

From having used this car seat for a couple of months, I have noticed a few areas where it falls short. This is entirely based on my personal experience. Even though it has great side impact protection and a removable newborn body support cushion and individual harness tensioners which all help to support a newborn baby; I usually find that the baby's neck uncomfortably jilts and tilts from one side to the other. His neck looks very uncomfortable and in order to try to help support his neck, I have resorted to buying an additional pillow specifically designed to give him neck support and minimize the neck jerking movements. 

Another downside has to be that unlike the portable newborn carrier car seats - this car seat is quite complicated to install and fasten to your car using the seatbelt - and does not just "clip" back into the car. It is also significantly heavier than several carrier car seats. I personally find that is not the type of car seat that you can use to place your newborn in and take with you to the coffee shop when walking on foot. 

I also tried out another brand that was also significantly cheaper, and I liked how one could use that car seat for little ones (0-1 year) to clip into the pram or conveniently carry over your arm when going shopping and/or wanted the little one to stay in his/her padded carrier car seat while indulging at a restaurant or having a picnic in a bush destination. My Ferrari car seat, unfortunately, does not offer that convenience. 


All in all, it is designed with safety, comfort and style. I am so glad I purchased it and look forward to more years of safely travelling with the little one. Its perks far outweigh the disadvantages. Even if given the choice, I would get it all over again. Knowing what I now know, I would also recommend the Ferrari Mamma Diaper Bag and toy storage combo (available on Amazon). If you have a bit of cash to spare, the F-12 [Toddler] Ride On Car with Remote Control (available on Amazon) is a must-get, to pamper a little one with a touch of luxury.

What car seat are you using? Are you happy with it? I am also looking for a pram and/or jogger stroller (available on Amazon) that can empower me to safely (and comfortably) take my little nephew with me on my travel writing and foodie adventures. Please leave me a comment if you have any recommendations for a pram/stroller. I'd love to hear from you.

Ferrari car seat. Photo by Phindiwe Nkosi.Ferrari car seat. Photo by Phindiwe Nkosi.

Phindiwe Nkosi with rearview facing Ferrari car seat at the back (right).Phindiwe Nkosi with rearview facing Ferrari car seat at the back (right).


Ferrari car seat. Photo by Phindiwe NkosiFerrari car seat. Photo by Phindiwe Nkosi



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Thanks for your review of the car seat ;-)
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I am so glad you wrote this. I will be needing car seat very soon.
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