Of all the years, I will never forget 2016. It is the year I became an aunt. My sister Sibongile (my bestest-best friend), gave birth my nephew. He was and undoubtedly is, the most amazing angel that I have ever seen. It is hard to imagine that he is now a toddler. A happy, bubbly and playful toddler. My places of interest, particularly when I am with him. As a professional writer and blogger, it has become a priority I love taking him with me and exploring together. One of the places we often frequent is  Go-Play: Kids Indoor Play & Cafe.

What I really like about it is that we can play together or I can sit nearby and watch him play. There are dedicated staff members who play with the children. The open setting is great because you can watch your child. It is so open and laid back, at times the children can ride a bike and come to the seating area. It is also a popular meeting space for moms.

Meeting venue for entrepreneurs with kids
Although far from corporate, working parents, aunts, uncles and babysitters love this place because you can catch up work, squeeze in that meeting (with someone who does not mind loud children running around in the background), and while you're at it they serve great meals and cakes kids love.

Party and nanny approved
The spot also doubles-up as a party venue. My nephew's babysitter also loves to come with because she can drop him off with the childminders and get time to have a meal and relax for about four hours (sometimes more). No kidding, with so much to do, kids often cry when it is time to leave.

If you were at Go-Play: Kids Indoor Play & Cafe in Centurion or know of a similar place, please leave a comment below.

 Phindiwe at Go-Play Kids Indoor Play  Cafe Centurion. Photo by Nomagugu MoyoPhindiwe at Go-Play Kids Indoor Play Cafe Centurion. Photo by Nomagugu Moyo

 My father and nephew playing at Go-Play. My father and nephew playing at Go-Play.


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