Travel Anthem is a blog founded by Phindiwe Nkosi, a professional South African travel (and foodie) blogger and writer who's contributed to African and international travel pulications, which include, but are not limited to;’s inflight magazines, African Travel Market magazines, Heritage magazines (for the North West Parks and Tourism Board) and

Phindiwe Nkosi has a decade of writing experience coupled by postgraduate studies from the University of Pretoria in Culture and Media Studies. She majored in English, Visual Communication and Drama for her undergraduate degree. She also freelances as an international TV news anchor (clients include ABC News 24, Australia and international news agency NewsModo), journalist and marketing and communications consultant. She regularly ghostwrites corporate content, blogs, books and speeches for clients located all over Africa and the world at large.

Rather than only highlighting luxury travel, posh hotels and guesthouses, Travel Anthem explores a lot more to also tell the travel stories that often go unheard. From the highly rated travel destinations to splashing barefoot in water puddles and nibbling on locally caught fresh fish hung on the fence and cooked right there next to the road; there are just so many unexplored travel stories waiting to be told. 

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Travel Anthem's web stats:
Travel Anthem’s website/blog had over 1.3 million hits for the month of September 2017! Visitors/readers are from over 50 countries, namely South Africa, United States, Australia, Great Britain, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Germany, France, China, Netherlands, Russian Federation, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Poland and more.

Social media stats:
The blog is attracting readers from all over the world and this is reinforced by its social media presence on namely Twitter and Facebook. Below are the stats as recorded end of September 2017.

@Travel_Anthem has over 32 000 followers.
@PhindiweNkosi has over 93 000 followers.
Travel Anthem’s Facebook fan page has over 340 likes.

Please don't hesitate to contact me should you with to get involved and work with me. The blog offers great exposure and best of all, attracts a specific audience who are interested in travelling. To drop me an email with your offer an/or start a discussion, click here.

Phindiwe Nkosi blogging from... somewhere downright breathtaking. Photo by LAPhindiwe Nkosi blogging from... somewhere downright breathtaking. Photo by LA